Stewards’ Corner

The Church Vitality Stewardship Team would like to say, “Thank you.” Thank you for your generous giving. Envelope giving increased: 2015-$118,377, 2016-$127,764 and it will be interesting to find out all you’ve given in 2017. Here at NCUCC we have about a dozen benevolences to which we may choose to give, so $6,808 additional dollars are on record for 2016.

Among us all there are many who give of their time and talents. God’s house needs constant care. Yes, we have a custodian and the Property Committee keeps an eye on things, but did you know some one person:

  1. Keeps the signs updated
  2. Prepares the ARK for mailing…It takes many hands
  3. Opens and closes the building each day
  4. We have mystery person who pulls weeds
  5. Someone changes the clocks each fall and spring
  6. Cards of encouragement are sent out
  7. We have a “Little Free Library”
  8. Someone does the master calendar each month
  9. There’s a kitchen team on Wednesdays and another who does desserts
  10. Someone does a lot of shredding

Helping hands make light work. Wouldn’t you like to offer your help? Quite often we need people with strong backs too. Don’t forget Journey House is our mission. Did you read that letter of their needs in the August ARK?

Many of our workers are aging and not as strong. With all the activities of the Sauerkraut Supper in November, we need a lot of helpers.

Our stewardship should have no limits. I didn’t even mention all that is needed for worship and visitation and other mission concerns.

NCUCC is all of us giving AND working together.

June Gulliver, Stewardship Team member of the Church Vitality Committee