There are plenty of ways to give your time and talents to New Covenant.

Social Awareness – David Gutberlet, Chairperson (1st Monday 7 p.m.)

Congregation Vitality – Ann Dunlap, Chairperson (1st Thursday 1 p.m.)

Worship, Music and Christian Ed. – Currently Pastor led (3rd Thursday 7 p.m.)

Adult choir rehearsal – Sunday morning at 9:30am (Sept. – May)

Bell and Chime Choir– Tuesday 5:30 p.m. (Sept. – May)

Finance and Property – Phillip Landers, Chairperson (2nd Tuesday 7 p.m.)

Youth Group – Pastor and lay leaders (currently meeting as events arise)

Pastor Relations – Phyllis Feese-Guyette, (2-3 times annually)

Call-to-Care – Ministry to members in need – Rev. Brad Walmer & Bonni Lucas

Journey House –(2nd Thursday 6:00 PM)

Church Council – (3rd Tuesday 7:00 PM)

  • Mike Maneval: President
  • Rhonda McDonald: Vice President
  • Jess Gehr: Council Secretary
  • Bob Reeder: Treasurer, Financial Admin.
  • Patty Gohrs
  • Ann Dunlap
  • Dave Gutberlet
  • Karen Horne
  • Arline Shenk
  • Lois Wachter