History of New Covenant United Church of Christ: 1806 – Williamsport becomes a borough. 1817 – Emmanuel Church of the German Evangelical and Lutheran Church established. It was the second oldest congregation in Williamsport. 1853 – Those favoring services in English left Emmanuel Church and formed St. Mark’s Lutheran Church on Market Street. 1860 – The American Civil War begins. 1863 – Those favoring services in German left Emmanuel Church and formed Immanuel German Lutheran Church. By 1884, this church was dedicated on the current site of New Covenant. 1864 – What was left of the original Emmanuel Church became the Reformed Immanuel Church. 1866 – Williamsport became a city. 1882 – The Reformed Immanuel Church split again. An English service faction became St. John’s Reformed and by 1884 was in a church on Packer and Ross Streets. The remaining members of the Reformed Immanuel Church, who favored German services, disbanded in 1896. 1976 – Immanuel German Lutheran Church and St. John’s Reformed merged and became New Covenant United Church of Christ. 1990 – A new sanctuary for New Covenant was built. 2007 – Journey House was opened. 2015 – We became an Open and Affirming congregation. 2017 – We became a Creation Justice church. For the history of our denomination, the United Church of Christ, please visit… www.ucc.org/about-us/ www.ucc.org/about-us_short-course www.ucc.org/about-us_ucc-firsts