About Us

NewCovenant UCC
In these days of resurgent fundamentalism, it is good to know that there is a church where both head and heart are equal partners in faith.  Countless men and women are looking for a congregation where thier souls can be nourished without the sacrifice of their intellect; where the precepts of the gospel are creatively espoused without endless talk of damnation and guilt.  A church where people are taught that in love all things are possible; that science and religion can live together in harmony; and that God’s chldren can think for themselves.

New Covenant UCC is such a congregation.  We are a diverse community of Christians made up of young and old, men and women, people of special needs and special interests, married and single, conservatives and progressives, and people from the LGBT community. We share in common a deep and abiding love for God and each other.  Working together, we are a vital, committed, and vibrant community of faith.  We covenant with each other to walk in the light of Jesus Christ, the interpreter of God; to make ancient ideas as fresh as the morning newspaper; and to worship in a way that is both dignified and exciting.

New Covenant is made up of warm and caring people.  We are continually working at new ways to reach out to those in need and bring comfort and healing.  Our programs are designed to integrate all kinds of people into the life of the church.  We strive to accept diversity in a way that proves we are a truly “religious” community, and break down the artificial walls of human pride that keep us from one another and prevent us from understanding each other.