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Sermon Summary

April 15, 2018

     Our gospel text this week is Luke’s story of Jesus’ first resurrection appearance to the disciples (Luke 24:36b-48).

     Notice, when Jesus appears to them, he immediately draws their attention to his hands and feet. He immediately draws their attention to the tired, blistered feet that took him from village to village, telling others of God’s love and the cracked, calloused hands he used to heal and feed people. They are the evidence of his physical presence and his efforts to heal the brokenness in the world.

     Then, after showing them his hands and feet he says to them, “You are my witnesses.” You are now the evidence of my physical presence on earth. You are now my hands and feet. You are my image. You are the ones who will continue to use your feet to go and tell others of God’s love. You are the ones who will continue to use your hands to feed and heal. You are my living presence in the world today. Amen.










































Rev. Bradley A. Walmer,
a 2008 graduate of Lancaster Theological Seminary, where he received his Master of Divinity degree and was awarded the 2008 Rev. Delores Berry prize for preaching. He was ordained into Christian ministry by the Lebanon Association of the Penn Central Conference of the United Church of Christ on June 1, 2008. Prior to beginning his pastorate here at New Covenant on August 1, 2015, he served as the pastor of St. Paul’s Summer Hill UCC in Auburn, Pa  (located southeast of Pottsville, PA).

Pastor Brad and his wife Michelle were born and raised in Lebanon County and now reside in the area with their dog, Chloe.