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Journey House opened seven years ago this month!

To date, it has served 28 families (39 adults and 46 children) with an overall program success rate of 80%. However, within the last three years, that rate has improved to 97%.

Journey House is funded through a partnership with the Lycoming County United Way and donations from the New Covenant congregation and private donors. Adding to this cash funding are the countless hours of volunteer work the congregation provides.

Journey House is our Mission of the Month with the hope that the funds you provide in your mission offering will assist in continuing this very successful and worthwhile community outreach.

“Old City” Survey

New Covenant members have an opportunity to give input into the planning for the “Old City” area of Williamsport. An online survey may be completed on how the area should be improved.

The survey is available here. It will be available until Nov. 14.

Take the time to offer your thoughts on this project which will have a major impact on New Covenant UCC.

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