What’s New In the Christian Ed. Department?

Our youth Sunday School program has been on temporary hiatus. We are happy to announce that “The t” a brand new Christian Education program for youth will begin Wednesday, January 9th at 6:00pm(ish). This program will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings as part of Wednesday Nights at New Covenant (5:30pm-fellowship meal, 6:00pm-“The t,” choir and Bible study, 7:00pm-youth and bell choirs). The program will include stories, activities, crafts and more. Come join us! We are excited to be launch this new adventure!

Our Special Needs Sunday School class returned in October and continues to meet Sunday mornings at 9:30am. The response has been tremendous and we hope more will join us. The class is for youth and adults and features; stories, crafts, games and more.

Our Bible study group and intergenerational class is studying, “Joseph, A Journey to Forgiveness” The DVD study will continue through February, keep checking back to find out what’s next.

Come join us! All are welcome!